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My bank account I have had since I was 18 is HSBC (previosuly Midland bank who didn't suck as much). Sporadically I try and break free and get at least a better credit card, but becuase the mofos at HSBC only report BAD credit activity to the credit agencies, it appears on my record I've never had any credit, depsite 13 years of almost perfect behaviour with my mastercard (I'm sure I've forgotternt o pay on tiem a few times over 13 years, but 99% months it is paid of in full). This seems to count as WORSE with other companies than if I'd credit and been an idiot and got into problems with it . . . ARGHHH. I couldn't even get a new mobile phone contract a few years back for credit reasons. I've paid to see my results from all 3 agencies . . they all rate me as good etc, but the only 2 things that appears are my mobile phone contract and my savings account, not my 13 fucking years of perfect behaviour with HSBC.

So HSBC have me bent over ready to be assfucked - they can piss me around, but I can't get another credit card (which I want because HSBC piss me off so much) because they don't report my 13 years of good behaviour to the agencies (I've even been into a branch and told them that the internet says I cna sign something to agree to let them pass on positive info but was met with blank wall).

Anyway, finally managed to get accepted on one of those 'credit building' credit cards for timmies that have really bad credit ratings, even though mine is 'excellent' . . .even they threatened they might not accept me if I had 'no credit history'. Anyway, best I fix it now before i need a mortgage or something.

Fuck you HSBC


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