Aug. 12th, 2010 04:07 pm
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My phone is due for an upgrade

I am currently using a phone that was a bit dated when I got it 3 years ago and am currently on a cheap as chips £9 a month contract that came with an even shitter phone that has never been opened! I currently spend an additional few quid on overpriced internet checking my gmail every month, although the phone is too crap for me to be able to reply or really use any other web pages - I can just about check tfl for tube disruptions if I am lucky. I want to stay on a contract as I like knowing the phone is there in case of emergencies.

I was looking at the webpage of my network for what is currently availiable (three, its too much hassle to change network for various reasons)

Pretty much the cheapest new contract is £15 a month and in addition to what I am getting at present (100 minutes or texts, I'm not really a big phone person) it has free internet (well 500 MB) and unlimited texts. My current phone is really on its last legs so I'll have to get a new phone anyway. I guess the other alternative is to fork out for a new handset and stay on my cheapskate contract. It's not like i NEED to be close to the internet for the 5% of my life I'm not near a laptop anyway . . . .

Turns out some of the smart phones can be got 'free' on a contract for as little as £19 a month. I'm tempted - I REALLY like the idea of having GPS on my phone (a lot less printing out of googlemaps!!), I'd use the internet a lot more if it was unlimited but I don't need other crap or stupid apps or anything (I have a camera and mp3 players that I'm quite happy with on their own!!).

But something inside me rejects the idea of smart phones as only for pretentious wankers . . . .I'm proud of having a cheap-ass crappy phone (weird because I'm quite up on most other technology . . I guess most other technology helps me avoid/ignore people rather than have to talk to them!!)

I'd most likely get one of the ones running Android and def NOT an iphone . . .

Hmm . . .

I remember the days you had to pay £30 for the most basic of contracts so I guess this all seems resonable, but maybe I'm just naive?


Aug. 8th, 2008 01:31 pm
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Which is the lesser evil?


I am after a specific track I can only find it in 2 places:


- On a BDSS CD where the other tracks I either own, or they are tribal stuff I’d never use


-  On Itunes, which requires contaminating my computer with the shitunes software.  If I go this route would I be able to remove the software after or am I stuck with it forever due to licencing stuff?



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