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Sometimes I wonder whether the ladies on bhuz were wathching the same show I was . . . .

Seeing as I frequent actual TV geek forums, I'm pretty sure that I am right and they have completely missed the point
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Also, shimmy technique has come up on bhuz again. Discussions on shimmy technique always make me feel like such a fraud.

I’ve been complemented (even by JudyH/Sohier/whoever) on mine, they do often rock and I can layer pretty much anything.

One chicklet in Bedfordshire, simple said ‘er . .you shimmy a lot’ um . .ok, have you actually seen any egyptian dancers? Said chicklet then confused Randa and Dina with each other so I kind of dismissed her opinion!!

Anyway, back on topic, I have no idea what type they are or whether me knees are at 170 degrees or 160 etc. I’m pretty sure they are thigh driven, but aren’t most types of ‘normal’ shimmy, when you come down to it, whether bent or straight knees? I can make mine big or small, hip level or full body, but I don’t really consciously think about it. The music makes me want to shimmy a certain way and I just instinctively do whatever I need to. One reason while I’ll never teach a shimmy workshop . . . .

I think back in the old days (98-99) I was probably taught knee driven, or at least to think of knees, probably with bent legs. At some point due to Khaled and Dina love I moved onto more muscle driven ones and found these much better suited. But I think I’ve moved on again since my natural shimmy as tiny and tight and fast. I have no idea what mine are now! Anyone seen my youtube clips can tell me?!!!


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