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I didn't say goodbye to anyone really because Moyra and I left as soon as it was clear there was no more Randa dancing, to get out of the car park (and therefore home) before it went insane. So tired today.

No energy for big post but wow, an ahem *interesting* weekend.

Randa is awesome. I felt like I was keeping up better than before in her workshops, but I guess having done some of the choreos before in Nottingham is cheating. I didn't really do any other workshops that I had a brain capable of taking in as Randa melted my brain for the day, although Yasmina's Om Koulthoum once was nice and chilled out. I was embarrasing in Khaled's on Sunday evening. Just a zombie incapable of doing anything :-s.

Otherwise, eye-opening on many, many, levels. I have seen some shocking behaviour from people that should know better, and some people lived up exactly to my bad expectations of them. The food was shite. Friday was the best day because we went to the pub for lunch and the chippie for dinner. Sadly we were too lazy to leave the complex the rest of the weekend.

In a more positive eye opening way, although I felt like I was being lazy watching both competitions instead of doing workshops, I think it was actually quite educational. I think most people had picked the top 2 picks for the pro competition, but the amateaur one was . . .interesting, not what I expected. Obviously I know I can't be totally objective regarding Caroline as I've known her for years and seen how much she had upped her game for this comp, but aside from that, hmmm I guess the judges had a completely different set of priorities. Anyway, it took the mystique away from competitions, UK ones at least. I should give one a shot, and not worry obessivly about 100% perfect technique, rather I think my style is distinct enough from what I saw to stand out on its own merits.

But to finish the shit sandwich, Randa was awesome. I have an actual physical reaction when her music starts playing, like having an exam and falling in love all in one, the racing heart, the sweaty palms etc. I teared up at one point, I need to find that song and play it obessivly as it has such Randa vibes for me.

The rest of the shows were mainly good, with some WTF moments. I think they really should have swapped friday and sunday shows tho, its really unfair to both participants and Randa that a lot of people couldn't stay for the Sunday show. Dissing of Randa by the organisational powers seemed to be a theme of the weekend tho. I hope she knows we still love her.

Khaled was also awesome (of course), Yasmina was really on form last night, really relaxed and full of joy. She is always good but last night she was also awesome and the dealing with the cane issue (it broke in a very awkward way) just made her even more awesome. Really impressed with Anasma, really different (Rachel who? LOL). The highlight for me was the slo mo fighting part, hilarious. N would have liked that I think.

Um . . Fifi of course. Something you have to experience once in your life!

Congrats to Khalida! She really shined on stage, looked really in her element.

Best get on with some work!


Sep. 17th, 2009 10:27 am
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I still can't muster up any enthusiasm for Congress despite the prospect of 3 Randa workshops and Fifi (catching the odd glimpse between people's heads is the best I'm hoping for). Mind you, I can't muster up enthusiasm for anything at the moment, I am broken, I don't think my body is able to make any more adrenaline, it's dry (except occasionally, when I am trying to sleep, which isn't helpful). Also live in constant state of aches and pains and fatigue, not only from dancing and gym etc but also from the intense solid lab work (e.g. 6 hours stood at a hot buzzing tissue culture cabinet) - but 2 weeks ago all the exercise only made me feel more alive, now it just drains me.

Serious work blahs is understandable, but I can't even get in the zone at dance rehearsals at the moment. Blah. With a paper to write in the next 4 weeks and the show coming up (and possible having to completely rearrange my holiday as it looks like the recession may have hit the tour we had booked) there is no opportunity to stop. Except maybe the congress will at least give me a mental break if not a physical one.
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Wow, I've really wasted my money here.

Fucking hell

The only workshops I want to do all clash in the early morning sessions, and then the rest of the days are a wasteland of stuff I don't want to do.

Pissed off.

I guess even if Raqia had been coming they still would have clashed her with Yasmina, Khaled and Randa, just to be extra arseholes.


May. 11th, 2009 08:46 pm
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I'm not going to do a Fifi workshop at Congress. It's not that I don't like her, god know. I cna just imagine she is very much a 'follow Fifi's bouncing butt as she improvises for 3 hours' (a like like Mona al Said) type of teacher where you need to be able to see her all the time to get anything out of it. I get elbowed and barrelled out of the way even in JoY classes which are supposed to be more resonable class numbers, so I just know the workshops will just make me upset and stabby. I choose to enjoy my weekend, seeing her perform will be awesome enough for me, and I cna spend the afternoons with Randa or Raqia or Khaled and probably leanr more stuff that is petinant to my personal style.
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Why I have I got 6 emails from the congress people?

I take it this is the secret everyone has been boasting about. I'd assumed it was something boring like Aziza being pregnant or something but I'm actually pretty impressed.


Jul. 4th, 2008 12:03 am
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Was the actual point/message of this email?

Bearing in mind I 'registered' my email address months ago. I particularly like the second paragraph.

"Dear Dancer

Thank you for registering at bellydancecongress.com for Bellydance Congress 2009 which will be held in September of next year.

Full details will be posted on our website on 11 July but I wanted to write to you to inform you that YOU ARE NOW REGISTERED – mainly as we are about to send out an email to attendees of last year’s event, and other events organised through Josephine Wise, and as you may be on these lists I wanted to let you know there is no need to re-Register.

You will receive another email as a reminder from us at the end of next week.

If at any stage you wish to be removed from the mailing list for Bellydance Congress 2009 please use the facility where indicated or reply to an email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject box.



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