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Overall I had fun . . and its seems to have generated some desperately needed endorphins as I feel much perkier today than I have been the last few weeks, despite the late night.

I had a blast being silly, even if the concept seemed to be lost on some of the audience (yes I'm looking at you Tribal woman that oh so subtly said 'too frantic' loudly to her friend whilst looking over her shoulder at me as I walked past, humourless asshole). I guess this is particularly bugging me as I am normally a strong advocate of 'less is more', but this was CHEESY not serious, get with the theme! You can't dance to something that sounds like the theme tune to a daytime TV game show by trying to look deep and meaningful and minimalistic.

Despite practising and even having N watch me and be on pointy toes/ladylike legs patrol, the different floor and excitement got the better of me and it wasn't all as balanced and consistent as I would have liked (my pet hate is people don't go on toes properly, and alternate randomly between toes and flats as their bad balance demands but I was totally doing that last night). Bet there are some photos with some shocking leg/toe positions given I was wearing basically a minskirt! Gah. Need to find a practice space that isn't carpet, as it isn't very good preparation for a shiny wood floor!

Hopefully got some good photos of the furball, some of which are me lounging on a zebra print sofa. No idea what I will use those for as I don't really want to advertise my dancing with me lounging on a sofa (waiting for a hairy man to climb on top of me?!).

Anyway, it was a nice friendly event and would definitely do it again!


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