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It's not often I can be bothered to do these but here we go!

Just wanted to say I got an email from Collection 2000 telling me about their new felt-tipped pen eyeliner and it looked interesting so I decided to give it a go.


Already a fan of collection 2000 thanks to their cheap and cheerful yet quality glitter liners


(on me, who doesn't sweat unless I'm ill or in the tropics they are indistinguishable from MAC's glitter liners, but a LOT cheaper and more colours).

I've never got on with any of the brushes that come with most liquid liners or even using a separate specific brush. I guess I'm cack handed plus as I'm super hairy I have eyelashes growing out of my actual eyelid a few mm up which tends to knock brushes of course and result in splodges. I find pencils to thick and smudgy for the top lid. So I was very curious about the new product.

Anyway, so I think the Collection 2000 one is pretty awesome! and only 2:99!

Only one other company makes pen type liners that I could find, and that was a lethargic dark grey on flesh but the Collection 2000 one is really nice intense proper black and sooo much easier to apply in my hands. The felt tip end allows you to do thick and thin easily much like a calligraphy pen or something. WHY ARE THESE NOT MORE COMMON?

The only problem is, its almost as impossible to remove as the MAC liquidlast stuff. I still have some residual blobs in between my eyelashes 48 hours later as I prefer looking blobby to scrubbing my eyelids too much!! But this is a good thing for dancers as I think it will stand up to sweat etc very well!
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1) Y'know a lot of the weird ass bizarre beauty trends are NOT male opressions blah blah blah, when will women realise its OTHER WOMEN that cause most of the problems. I can bet you it was NOT a man that came up with the idea of labia dye.

2) Ditto, a lot of the steroetypes we blame men for creating, they are there because OTHER WOMEN have behaved that way. e.g. women of child bearing age are treated with suspicion by potential employers because many, many women in the past have screwed their employers over maternity stuff.

3) Women that think shaving, plucking etc are unnecessary and get on their high horse about it are inevitably fair and virtually hairless. Walk a mile in my natural gorilla legs before you judge, asshole.


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