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This morning I went to the doctor about that weird shit that went down during my last period (and in January). The visit went pretty much as I expected. I had even written myself a prompt card to try and avoid it getting sidetracked/dismissed. Ha!

I explained the main points - 24 hours only, always on the last day, sometimes just stomach cramps, sometimes entire torso below ribs. I can’t remember the question but I mentioned I do take aspirin for the headaches sometimes, note, SOMETIMES. She seemed to just hear ‘stomach cramps’ and ‘aspirin’ and told me that aspirin irritates the stomach. Well, duh, I can find that out via google, most people are aware of that. She ignored my question of whether my period would make me more sensitive as I don’t react badly to aspirin other times of the month. She prodded my tummy a few times (I guess to check for intestinal problems, but I had a curry last night, no danger of any blockage there!!). She kind if ignored it when I asked if extra acid in my stomach would really make my whole intestines hurt. She had a weird patronising smile the entire time and couldn’t wait to get rid of me with the amazing advice ‘take paracetamol instead’. Well, I’m glad I didn’t take time of work for that.

I guess I will take all the measures I have worked out for myself no aspirin and no spicy food etc and see what happens. If I get it bad again I will try and get an appointment that day, no matter how excruciating walking there will be. But, given what its like to get appointments at my surgery I don’t hold our much hope.

She was happy to give me a list of drugs (painkillers and anti acid things) but not think about it at all or even explain to me exactly the mechanisms she thinks is causing this. Medics scare me. I’ve seen my little sister go from normal sensible person to drug crazy fact/latin word vomiting person who refuses to engage her actual brain (with accompanying god complex). Its all fodder for my ever plummeting opinion of medics. I would say its just GPs that get too comfy with cushy working hours and mostly dealing with run of the mill children/elderly problems, but you would not believe the things the clinical oncologist at work cannot think through/do. But that’s a rant for another day.

My boss says she has a friend who is a gynaecologist who I could talk to, I may have to do that even if its probably nothing. I may do that. My boss told me off for trying to work through it for myself as ‘I’m not a medic’ but um . . I actually have common sense, logic, and a degree in biology, two of which are missing from most medics I meet.


Apr. 16th, 2009 10:10 am
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Yesterday was the day from hell. The headache got worse, the stomach thing turned into my ‘day of ultimate pain’ I get every few months. I have posted my woes on bhuz. I know most people disapprove of TMI on bhuz but really I just want to talk to someone with the same problem, or something. N is really worried (last night I could barely get out of bed) and the ostrich approach isn’t really working anymore. There is something comforting about an actual person you know (sort of) talking about their experiences rather than hypotheticals. I’d rather see my own doctor, especially as she is a family planning specialist so probably also up on woman’s issues but it’s hardly an emergency warranting a same day emergency appointment so I’ll leave it until I have a few days off in May. I have written a side of A4 describing the problem while it is still fresh in my mind.

But all day I felt too guilty to jsut say 'sod it' and go to bed as I would feel like I was totally taking the piss out of the privaledge of being able to 'work from home'. Anyway, I now have 2 days worth of writing to do today. My head is clear, my abdomen is def on the mend. Go!


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