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I am a member of a fairly large gym (council one tho). There are 2 of the small sized swiss balls and maybe 10-15 women in the gym when I go. Some silly bitch decided one was 'hers' and 'she was using it' when she blatently wasn't she was doing other stuff in the weights room with the ball the other side of the room, but guarded by her bottle of water and security wrist band she wasn't wearing (probably its too uncool). If I manage to get my hands on one, I politely do all my excercises that require the ball all in a row so I can then let someone else have it, rather than jelously guard it while I do all my excercises in the exact order on the programme i have been given. GAH

But, it occured to me while I was there . .i DO have easy access to a room with wall to wall mirrors - the weights room!!! There were only a few people in there so I wasn't stopping anyone who wanted to actually do weights. I still felt uncomfortable . . I hate those people that make a big exhibition about being bellydancers in their real life, with complete strangers, seemingly to make themselves seem exotic and interesting (and usually in these cases a little but naughty, yawn) and compensate for lack of a personality. I didn't want to look like one of those . . don't want to make an exhibition of myself (stage/dance class is a different kettle of fish). But I really wanted to run though the arms for my hafla piece for saturday in front of mirrors where I could actually see BOTH ARMS AT THE SAME TIME!!! I only did the arms though. I think it would be less embarrasing if I actually looked like what people expect a dancer to look like in gym clothes. Tall and willowy I ain't.


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