Oct. 22nd, 2010 03:58 pm
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Dear pASSelforce,

According the the tracking my package was put on a van at 1am. It is 4pm and only an hour left of the stores department at work being open for deliveries.

Where the fuck are you?!!!!!

EDITED: Just arrived . . bobbletastic!

Not taking out of the protective packaging in the office tho . . .

post rant 3

Oct. 7th, 2009 11:17 am
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Some chav in a royal mail jacket just came past our block of flats (I am on ground floor working with clear view of road). I saw him ask a passer by for the time. You see, one of the changes all this striking is about is about re-arranging their pay so they can't get away with doing their round as fast and as hafl assed as possible and then go home early.

There are about 5 letters for our block of flats (which has no number but is basically number 0 as we are opposite number 1 and next to number 2, and is clearly named with 'XXX house' above the door)

We have post for flats in number 2 (different postcode but moderately understandable I guess) and even better, numbers 8, 10, 38 and 40.

Better still they will strike again later this week.

Fucking hell.

I wonder how much of my missing post is scattered throughout wimbledon?!

Thankfully my car tax disc is going to my parents address and my holiday documents were sent by email so nothing desperately important left missing.
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The postal strikes are meant to be over in my area since last Tuesday. The post for our block of flats is delivered through a communal post box and then whoever finds it dumps it (the more enthusiastic sort it into piles) on a table in a communal hallway. Its a small, nice modern block of flats full of young professionals so this is safe enough. So even if there wasn't any post for N or I, with 10 other flats and about 20 other residents you'd expect to see some post there everyday. No new post to entire block since Friday!!!! I find it hard to believe all 20-25 residents have had nothing posted to them in that time!!! Fucking lazy royal mail bastards!

Post rant

Oct. 1st, 2009 12:26 pm
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According to the Royal Mail website, my area (SW19) is only supposed to have been on strike one day a week last week and this week. But, I only had post Monday and Friday last week (just after I left for congress of course - leaving the dreaded red card and a parcel fuck knows if i will ever get) and this week have only had post on Monday and some letters today but none of the billionty parcels I am waiting for (including the recorded one they said they could redeliver today). When I went on an internet shopping spree 2 weeks ago I wasn't aware these strikes would happen as they are keeping them hidden well.

Either the Royal Mail website is lying, there are extra wildcat strikes or something, or someone is stealing all my parcels. posted me 2 t shirts last Friday morning and i got the shipping emails within an hour of each other - one arrived on Monday, one still in limbo somewhere. My weekly food boxes that are sent from Middlesex - i.e. just outside of London and quite near me are currently taking a WEEK longer than usual. 1-2 days delay my ASS.

Fucking hell

I didn't get a bloody pay rise (not a cost of living one, I did go a point up the scale but that's different) last year or this year and I just have to live with it because the economy is in the shitter. Deal with it post people, or get another job. If you want more pay, go and get some education/training for a better job. If I wanted fat wads of cash I'd go an train to work in the City, I chose this career knowing scientists will always be underpaid and underappreciated, why should the choice to be a postman be any different?
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After my triumphant victory getting my MADN magazine without having to pay the charges, the Royal Mail has responded by loosing my NADA renewal. That is pretty low down the emergency scales as NADA membership are very efficient and competant so it'll be sorted out quickly, but what is worrying is that i posted that at the same time as my RANDA tickets application. Have sent Maria a panicked email . . .no reply yet.


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