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I had a good play on top of the tabla today.

*Once I'm up there I can really do anything you can normally do on the spot. N and my co-workers seem scared and think it seems so precarious but I feel quite comfortable up there. I guess being small and bottom heavy helps, I think you'd have more trouble if you were tall and apple shaped!

*I'm glad I got a normal smallish tabla as itis a bit too big as it is - you can't jsut stand on the skin, you need to have your feet on the edge and the diameter is a few inches bigger than the length of my foot, so its impossible to get one foot central enough to mount/dismout safely. I can do it, but there is a difference between being relaxed in my living room and performing! I think I may have to develop a theatrical technique where I use my hands and mount in a crouched position and pretend to wobble as I get on so people even seem amazed when I stand up. Even a glamerous assistant wouldn't help unless they just held the drum down, which would just look crap. I'm going to a workshop about this in April, but I can't really see any other solutions unless the skin really is strong enough to hold me, but that's not something I really want to test!!!!

*My feet get really tired and achey!! I think they are gripping on more than I realise


Feb. 5th, 2009 06:59 pm
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My tabla has arrived. It is shiny and red.

So far I can - stand on it, get up and down with aid of chair and sometimes without chair (but not gracefully). Once I'm up I'm OK though, I can shimmy do hip stuff, figure 8s, camels etc, and can even do the going down bending my knees going on to toes moves, although that will require practice and experimentation with weight distribution. I can also to little shuffly turns on carpet. Needs lots more practice, but def a 'party trick' that suits me and my style. As it can sit in the living room next to my computer, it will get a lot more practice than my Saiidi 'man-stick' which was been banished to the garden by N!



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