Jan. 21st, 2010

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I just phoned my insurance company ENDSLEIGH (name and shame!) to find out what exactly the deal is if the BA strike goes down and affects my Cairo flights. After going through the system and ending up at motor insurance twice, I finally was put through to 'travel' but it was clear the girl didn't have a fucking clue. She just kep saying 'they didn't cover industrial action' and then patronisingly read out the guidelines from BA (which I am quite capable of finding for myself on BA.com). Thanks, asshat, but my policy says you DO cover industrial action if it delays or causes me to cancel my holiday, there are many pages in my policy document that aren't about 'just medical stuff' as you claim. I knew it would be a long shot getting money if my flight was cancelled and I had to book another one, but it was worth a try. Sadly I feel none the wiser as I don't really trust anything the girl said as it was quite clear she was bullshitting.

Anyway, so our options are

a) hope for the best
b) if it is cancellled, fork our for another flight at god knows what cost last minute


Actually I have a third idea . . I might go to the flight centre and ask if there are any airlines/price plans that let you pay more in order for your ticket to be fully refundable (hotels do this so maybe airlines do?). Then even if I had to pay more for this, i could cancel if not needed and if it was needed it would proabbly be cheaper than whatever last minute flights are available. But no idea if this is possible . . .


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