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Sep. 13th, 2010 05:06 pm
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Dear ebay user "retrovandalism"

Now is just not the time in my life to fuck with me, I know you don't care about my life, nor do I care about any bullshit excuses that I suspect will be fielded by you

I'm sorry but your excuses are bollocks . . all it takes to refund me is to click one link in paypal. I may have given you the benfit of the doubt and let ebay 'cancel' the transaction (which I am now regretting, I always regret slipping up and having faith in people) that does not mean I canoot use paypal to go after you and also leave you extremely shit negative feedback, which given your feedback only in the 50s will have a big impact.

Just give me my fucking money back its not that hard and will make everyone's lives easier

This situation would never had arisen if you'd taken the effort to package the item properly in the first place.



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Apr. 5th, 2010 09:17 pm
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I just need to type this up to get the frustration out plus now I have something to link to that tells the whole story ;-). It's really boring, hence most of the mind numbing details are behind the cut.

”rant” )
I kind of just want to drop it for my mental health and take the £12 hit I don’t fucking care about the bloody cheap ass jeans anymore, but it’s a matter of principle – I don’t want them to get away with it or for me to look bad to paypal by dropping it!!!


And by the way, ebay seller “boutiqe1express” the word you are looking for is ‘ADVISE’. ‘To advice’ is not a fucking verb.
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Dear ebay asshat

• If you wanted it that badly why didn’t you bid the first time it was listed? I can understand hoping it will drop in price if it doesn’t sell but its was 99p and you seem to desperately want it.

• Why, when I relisted it did you still wait until the last minute to bid? I myself am a last minute scooper, but if you often ‘forget’ and want it that badly bid on it anyway!!

• It cost you 99p plus postage. Do you really think I should run around after you, pay for extra buy it nows, make extra trips to the post office just for that? 99p?

• If you wanted it for Monday and you are in Europe you should have bid on it when it finished on last Sat, and failing that told me before I posted it. As it was all you said was ‘I forgot to bid can you relist it’. I would have been annoyed and grumble to myself but probably gone about it with more haste if you’d bloody told me all this LAST WEEKEND.

• It clearly says airmail. My invoice had an optional extra charge for faster postage and you declined to take that.

• You paid Tuesday night. I posted it Thursday morning, yes there was a 1 day delay but even some commercial sellers on ebay have a much longer turnaround time than that.


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